Laura’s in home clinic is based out of her cozy and clean basement at 193 Fox st in the Cambridge Forest Estates on the northern edge of Limoges.

You may very well be welcomed to the clinic by Laura’s very friendly and happy dog Bella.  She will be separated from the front entrance where you will come in, but don’t be afraid; she is very happy to see you!

Payment can currently be made with cash, cheque, and e transfers. You are more than encouraged to prepay for several treatments if it accommodates your finances, but receipts will be issued on the date of individual treatments.
 As a registered massage therapist, treatments with Laura will be covered by your extended health benefits through your, or your spouse’s workplace, but often plans require a doctor’s prescription prior to your first appointment.  You may want to look into what your coverage parameters are, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact her.
If you require treatment, and don’t have health benefits we can work around alternative payment methods.  Money should never be a barrier to a healthy life!